Popular Ghanaian Pastor Commits Suicide Over Broken Heart. Video Will Make You Cry

A Ghanaian pastor has reportedly committed suicide after his wife cheated on him.

The deceased, only identified as Pastor Peter and operates a prayer camp at Kasoa in the Central Region is said to have taken his own life after he caught his wife red-handed sleeping with another man.

Pastor Peter allegedly got traumatized when he saw how the ‘intruder’ mercilessly ‘hammered’ his cheating wife and made her speak in a strange language which sounded like Chinese and patois mixed together.

Unable to control his emotions, the broken heart pastor unfortunately killed himself. He survived by two children.

Is the fear of God gradually living the church? It is believed that a lot more pastors’ wives are engaged in extra marital affair.


Bible Scholar Nana Kwame Sikapa (also popularly called Black Jesus) claims that about 60% of Ghanaian pastors are s*xually weak that is why their wives seek pleasure elsewhere.


Black Jesus proposed that men of God should drink aphrodisiac to enhance their s*xual performance.

He spoke in an exclusive interview with Kasatintin TV. Watch the full interview in the video below.


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