Actress Gloria Sarfo And Daddy Boat Set To Marry. But She’s Been Accused Of Snatching Somebody’s Husband

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Sister of the UK wife of veteran actor Mikki Osei Berko aka Dada Boat has opposed the actor’s decision to marry another woman in Ghana.

Dada Boat and actress Gloria Sarfo are set to marry. The couple released their pre-wedding photos on social media a few hours ago.

Gloria Sarfo broke the news of her relationship with Dada Boat on her Instagram page and said:

“Thank God for Grace??? I’ll soon tell my story??? God is good?? It pays to wait, let’s continue to love one another while we educate ourselves and take our safety measures seriously? Love you always @dadaboatgh ??? Watch this space guys. Thanks for all the prayers, love and support???”


Dada Boat, who played the led character in the Ghanaian TV series ‘”Taxi Driver” as Master Richard responded with a lovely message saying:

“@gloriaosarfo my dream, my love ? you turned me around, you keep me safe,you protect me #God sent# i love you always”


According to information, Dada Boat is still legally married to his wife who is currently based in the UK.

The sister of Dada Boat’s wife has reportedly warned Gloria Sarfo to back off and also advised the couple to call off the impending marriage ceremony in their best interest.


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