Adom TV Maame Kyeraa Diamond Schools Ghanaian Women On The Dangers Of Wearing Bra (See Video)

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Did you know that wearing the wrong brassieres could actually damage your spinal cord and leave you with an undesirable permanent health condition?

Yes, studies have shown that women who wear tight bra or often wear bra for a longer period are at high risk of damaging their spine.

Further research shows that women who do not also wear the right type of bra can suffer prolong general body pains, headaches, numbness and even be exposed to breast cancer.

That is the reality but it seems a lot of Ghanaian women are k!lling themselves in the name of fashion and poverty.

Watch the video below as Adom TV Badwam host Maame Kyeraa explores the dangers of wearing wrong bra with Dr. Patrick Kafui Akakpo.

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