Thursday, December 1, 2022

Rev Obofour And Wife Share Kisses In New Video

TRENDING VIDEO: Watch how Rev Obofour makes all the M0ney

Enjoyment be what! Reverend Obofour and his wife Obofowaa have been sighted in a new video attempting to ‘make love’.

The video is set on two different scences. In the first scene, the couple appeared to be driving back home after church service. They were enjoying gospel music in the car. They did not talk to each other.

The video gets more interesting as it switches to the next scene. The couple were seated at a party. They warmed up to have a wét kiss.

Obofour is seen in the video luring his wife for a kiss. He lifted his head up and stuck his tongue out.

Obofowaa’s eyes turned sexy whiles Obofour teased her. She appeared restless at this point. She parted her lips and began to draw her succulent lips closer to her husband.


What happened next is for your eyes only.


Watch the video Obofowaa posted on her Instagram page below. She added that the captione: ‘With my Lovely Husband love you kwaku 💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤🤴👸’–TDxpSai/?igshid=1h15tzdeaphw7


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