So Sad. Landlord THR0WS 0UT Mum With 2-Months-Old Baby From Home For POUNDING Fufu On Sunday Morning

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A mother and her 2-months-old baby have become homeless after the owner of the house evicted them for pounding fufu on Sunday morning at their residence in Kronum Kwapra, a suburb of Kumasi.

The lactating mother is reported to have prepared fufu and palm nut soup at 7.30am on a day the landlord had warned all tenants to observe as a ‘Sabbath day’.

Neighbours claimed the evictee was fully aware of this ‘bogus’ order before she moved in to stay in the house about 2 years ago.

A neighbour who prefers to remain anonymous told that ‘The tenancy agreement clearly stated that no tenant should pound fufu on Sunday between and 1.00pm, and she [evictee] appended her signature to it’.

Traditionally, most women in Ghana eat fufu and palm nut soup more than twice a week when they are breastfeeding their babies in the first six months of childbirth.

Fufu and palm nut soup is believed to contain nutrients necessary for bosting the IQ of the newborn.

The meal is also good for keeping the breast in its natural shape even after the woman has stopped breastfeeding. contacted the evictee for a response on this developing story but her phone was ‘out of coverage area’.

The landlord initially agreed to speak with on the matter but his girlfriend later instructed him to decline the exclusive interview.

Keep reading for an update on this developing story.

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