Monday, November 28, 2022

Do You Know That Whenever You Yawn A Ghost Puts His Pen!s In Your Mouth?

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Oops! You may have to limit the number of times you yawn or stop yawning entirely because anytime you yawn a ghost puts his manh00d right inside your mouth.

Believe it or not, this ridiculous claim made by one Corrosive Rules has caused a stir on Twitter.

A tweet by Corrosive Rules, who describes himself as CEO of Corrupt_Mind and Manchester United fan said:

‘Do you know whenever you yawn a ghost puts his pen!s in your mouth?’

So, how many times have you yawned today? Calculate the number of times a ghost has used its d!ck to massage your mouth.

On the other side, wouldn’t it be a good idea if a female ghost takes charge when a male yawns?


See the full tweet of Corrosive Rules below as sighted by




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