Man Turns Into A Tube Of Yam After Washing Girlfriend’s Panties (See Video)

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The things you do for love can land you in real trouble some day.

A 30-year-old man has turned into a tuber of yam after he washed two dozens of panties belonging to his girlfriend.

The man, identified as Akwasi Borga washed the undies to prove to his lover that he has never cheated on her for 8 years.

Akwasi Borga and his girlfriend, Adwoa Bronya live together in a rented apartment in Krachi Nchumuru in the Oti Region of Ghana. gathers that Adwoa Bronya had accused Akwasi Borga of having extra affairs with the landlord’s daughter whiles having a meal on Saturday morning.

According to information, Akwasi Borga denied the allegation and insisted he will never cheat on her even if a gun is pointed at him to do so.

He then agreed to wash Adwoa Bronya’s dirty panties to show his innocence.

‘Akwasi Borga unfortunately turned into a tuber of yam as he washed one or two pants’, a source said ‘People who came around shivered and pleaded with Adwoa Bronya to bring Akwasi Borga back to life but she refused to do whatever she can to save him.’

Neighbours called in a native doctor. He took the yam away to his sanctuary and said Akwasi Borga will return to life in the next three days.

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