Family Buries Dead Man In Pen!s Coffin–Video Is Very Tempt!ng. See It

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A man being buried in a coffin, which has been carved in the shape of an erected pen!s with two big testicles, has left a lot of questions on the lips of many people.

Pallbearers, suspected to be family members waded through a crowded funeral ground with the ridiculous coffin in a video has seen online.

Instead of wailing, mourners and bystanders eagerly pushed and stepped on others toes to catch a glimpse of the erot!c coffin.

This website has received dozens of comments with regards to the pen!s made coffin.

Yaa Asantewaa thinks that ‘The family did that to show the whole world that the deceased was a womanizer.’


‘What the helllll!’, Paa Kojo said , ‘Abi this man was wanzam in his village. Village champion, rest in peace.’


Watch the video below.


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