Friday, February 3, 2023

We Can Give You Free Water; What We Cannot Do Is To Force You To Bath– Pressdent Declares


Government has announced an extension of the free water initiative it introduced in March for another three months, effective August 2020.

The free water initiative would be for all consumers.

In addition, Government has taken a decision to absorb 50% of the electricity bill of lifeline consumers within the period.


Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta stated in the Mid-Year Budget Review that the extension of the package is to ease the burden of the havoc the virus has wreaked the world over and in Ghana.

Our fervent hope is that the people who bath once a month would be inspired by the provision of free water and begin to wash down regularly.

The Pressdent is really worried about this. It is his wish that the people will take their personal hygiene seriously especially now that COVID-19 panic has become severe.


Mr. Pressdent tweeted a few hours ago that ‘We can give you free water but what we cannot do is to force you to bath.’

Mr. Pressdent@Opresii is a parody account on Twitter.


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