Ghanaian Woman Lashed 100 Times For Sleeping With A Man In Saudi Arabia (Watch Video)

Social media users have expressed their disappointments over a trending video in which a man is seen fl0gging a young lady, believed to be a Ghanaian like a stubborn goat.

Details about the video is sketchy, however rumours are rife that the lady was being punished for engaging in extra marital affairs in Saudi Arabia.

According to information, she received not less than 100 lashes for the ‘offense’ committed.

A certain man, identified in the video as Alhaji wh!pped the lady with a cane, and never missed hitting her huge butt0cks several times.

Some other men are seen in the viral video playing with their mobile phones. They were very good at counting the number of lashes the lady received at each point.


Alhaji got energized as he punished her. In pain and tears, the young lady pleaded with him to exercise patience during the act.


You should see everything fiili fiili for yourself in the video below.


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