Monday, November 28, 2022

Woman Seals Her Vag!na With Glue. Claims Her Husband’s Killing Her With Too Much S3x

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A Togolese woman has sealed her vag!na with glue as a means to stop her husband from having s3xual intercourse with her.

Naomi Israel, 28 reveals that her husband who is naturally a s3x addict f*cks her from Monday to Sunday, goes five rounds per session with each round lasting a minimum of 50 minutes.

She said ‘I took a vow to be with this man for better for worst but now I feel I’m a slave–f*çk me in the kitchen, bathroom, in the car, the swimming pool and even in his office. I’m simply tired’.

Naomi explained in an exclusive interview with that:

‘I don’t think we can find anybody in Togo who loves pu$$y more than my husband. Even if he gets chocked whiles eating, the first relief he thinks of is to visit Jerusalem. No amount words can convince him’.

Distressed Naomi attempted to run away from her matrimony home about two weeks ago, however it failed.


‘He monitored my movements on a secret camera he planted in our house’, she sobbed:’Doctors say my womb has shifted because of too much s3x and this can affect my chances of giving birth.

I have no one to to help me in this difficult situation. I’m at my wit’s end. The only way to protect myself is to use glue to stitch up my vag!na’.


Watch the video below.

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