Saturday, December 10, 2022

‘East Legon Landlady’ Tracey Boakye Twists Her Waist For ‘Papa No’ In New Video

TRENDING VIDEO: Blogger and another caught d0ing it live in the bush

Controversial Ghanaian actress, Tracey Boakye has been sighted in a new video shaking what her mama gave her.

Tracey, as usual bragged about her wealth –houses, cars and even the number of shoes she has acquired in life.

She warmly praised herself whiles singing and twisting her waist to the rhythms of the rendition she gave.

After vigorously shaking her heavy butt to whet the appetite of viewers, Tracey described what she did as ‘bedroom vibes’.

Bedroom vibes? We do not exactly understand what this statement means but per the actions in the video, we can only assume that ‘Papa no’ gets more of this in the bedroom.

Watch Tracey Boakye in the video below as captured by Kasatintin TV.


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