Saturday, October 1, 2022

Pastor Chris Predicts Rapture Will Happen In The Next 10 Years

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Nigerian pastor Chris Oyakhilome appears to be too certain about the exact time rapture is going to happen.

Rapture is a belief Christians have about the ‘end times’ — that Jesus would return to earth the second time and pick up all righteous people to Heaven.

The rest – sinful ones – would however remain on earth and face the tyranny of the anti-Christ in the post-apocalyptic world.

According to the founder of Loveworld Ministries (Christ Embassy), ‘we are in the last hours’ and rapture is bound to occur sometime within the next 10 years.

Pastor Chris is cited in a Facebook post as saying that ‘If the Rapture doesn’t happen in 3 years, it might be 6 years. If it doesn’t happen by then, it cannot exceed 10 years’.

He also asked people to join his church in order to be saved.


‘You have to give your heart to Jesus today because we are living in the LAST HOURS. Send us a DM and we will lead you to christ. It’s that simple’.

IMAGE: Snapshot of Pastor Chris’ statement on Facebook. Credit: Social media

Contrary to his claim, the Bible clearly pronounces that no one knows when the rapture would occur.


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