Saturday, October 1, 2022

D-Black Caught L!cking A Woman’s Pu$$y Like Ice Cream In Leaked Video

TRENDING VIDEO: I need a man who can service me 3 hour non-stop everyday

Bedroom video of a man who bears resemblance to Black Avenue Boss D-Black and a certain white lady has surfaced online.

In the leaked video, the man is seen lying together with the lady on the bed without their clothes. Of course, they were completely n@ked because of what they planned to eat in the bedroom.

He carefully and seductively l!cked the pu$$y of the lady as if his whole life depended on it.

Nothing comes closer to sucking a completely shaved v@gina.The lady responded with a thunderous moan as he tickled her honeyp0t with his sweet tongue.

Zooming into the video, you can actually see the lady’s swollen cl!t and wet pu$$y singing praises to glorify the man for doing a good job down there.

Ghanaian rapper D-Black is yet to pass an official comment on the leaked s*x tape which is fast trending on Twitter and other social media platforms.


Just a few days ago, the n@ked video of Ghanaian celebrity Akuapem Poloo also hit the internet. Watch full video below.


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