Thursday, December 1, 2022

I Broke My Virginity At Age 34–Dr UN

TRENDING VIDEO: Upclose with Dr Fordjour a.k.a Dr UN

Dr Kwame Fordjour, the man behind the controversial fak£ UN awards to Sarkodie, D-Black and other A-class Ghanaian celebrities has revealed one top secret about his life.

Dr UN, as he is affectionately called said he abstained from s*x until he turned 34years.

Dr UN disclosed this in his latest interview with Kumawood star Kwaku Manu and stated that he was never interested in s*x for that long period because he was seriously doing the work of God.

According to him, he got trained as a pastor and spent most of his time with great men of God.

Dr UN claimed that the pastoral work took a lot of his time. He indicated that due to the nature of his work, he was so tight and didn’t have time for himself let alone women.

Do you really believe that Dr UN did not taste any woman in his life before he turned 34years?


Watch the video below.



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