Saturday, October 1, 2022

R@w Video: S*x Tape Of Ghanaian Rapper D-Black L!cking The Pu$$y Of A Lady With His Last Energy

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A couple of hours ago, brought you news of a viral video in which a man who bears resemblance to Ghanaian rapper D-Black was caught busily suck!ng the pu$$y of a slim lady with his last energy.

The man is seen lying together with the lady on the bed all n@ked.

In the first scene of the leaked video, the couple engaged themselves in a hot s*x. Really hot one.

The lady, now identified as Adrienne Nicole assumed the c0wg!rl position and gave her partner a very tough ride. They moaned together as the ride got to the sweetest gear.

Right after that, the man took over and seductively l!cked her pu$$y in a grand style.


Nichole has since offered a dubious explanation as to how the bedroom video got leaked on social media.


She claimed that her phone got missing and the one who had access to it used the n#de video to blackma!l her.

According to her, she reported the incident to the police when the blackma!lers issued series of threats to her to pay some money.


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