Thursday, December 1, 2022

I’m The Most Beautiful Lady In Ghana–Afia Schwarzenegger (VIDEO)


Controversial Ghanaian celebrity Afia Schwarzenegger wants the world to believe that she is the most beautiful woman in Ghana.

But is she that pretty? Afia Schwar has snubbed the real view about her personality and has taken to social media to praise her beauty.

In an exclusive video available to, Afia Schwar is caught blowing her own trumpet and insisting she is the most beautiful human being God has ever created.

Afia Schwar, whiles covered up in her best make-up claimed that God formed her using the finest gold dust.

‘I feel blessed, everything about me is perfect’, she said ‘I experience org@sm any time I look at own teeth. Look at it very well; so lovely like the piano in Asantehene Palace’.

She bragged ‘I am very beautiful, no wonder people envy me. Look at my lips. I am wise, hardworking and have the sweetest pu$$y’.


Watch the video below.


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