Sunday, February 5, 2023

Man Demands Custody of Wife’s Breasts As His Divorce Settlement Package

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US man, Simon Williams has applied for custody of his wife’s breasts as part of his divorce settlement package.

In his submission to the law court, Simon described the breasts as being of ‘great sentimental value’ and added he would happily give up any claim over his property -house and cars – for full custody of the b00bs.

He said ‘those breasts have been with me through thick and thin; a rock in times of needs and a pillow in times of comfort. My quality of life will decline substantially if I lose custody’.


Simon has already agreed that his soon-to-be ex-wife can have the car in return for access to her breast on weekends ‘considering one of the reasons I’m getting divorced at all is because I said I’d like her breasts custody’, he said.

Simon’s wife has raised strong objection to the request, saying that his failure to grant her exclusive possession of his ‘bits and bobs’ during their marriage undermined his position.

Lawyers handling the case want the aggrieved parties to continuously hold the breasts until the court takes final decision on the matter.


Watch the video below.



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