Men Can Sue Women Who Refuse To Come To Their House After Sending Transport Fare — Police

This is good news for the gents out there. You can sue a lady who refuses to come to your house after sending her transport fare.

The lawsuit, according to the Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Police Service, Opetola Dolapo Badmus is backed by Act 29: Section 132 of the Criminal Code and can attract a 5 year imprisonment sentence.

What this means is that, the acceptance of the money constitutes a contract to which each party must respect the terms of agreement.

But a greater number of Nigerian women interviewed on the streets of Lagos and Accra are unaware that taking money from a man and not honoring his invitation is a form of ‘fraud’.

Some women admitted that indeed, they have at a point taken transport fare from a man and never showed up at his place.


They described ‘transport fare’ as a token they receive from men to enable them sort out urgent needs such as buying call credit, sanitary pad, fixing their hair and one which they also use for feeding.

They argued that it is not obligatory for a lady to show up in a man’s house even if he sends her money for transport.


‘Men shouldn’t ask us to refund the cash if we don’t visit. You know what, some men are very stingy. The only time they will give you money is when they want to use your private part’, one lady said and added:

‘If you starve me for that long, your punishment is simple. I’ll gladly accept your money and refuse to come over to your house. You won’t even see the colour of my pant’.


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