Saturday, October 1, 2022

Stolen TV Gets Stuck On Thief’s Head For 21 Days After Owner Sought Help Of Witch Doctor (Live VIDEO)

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A notorious thief in a village near Akatsi, Volta Region was forced to return a 32 inches television set in 21 days after the owner sought the services of a powerful witch doctor, Nana Tutugyagu to trace the stolen item.

The charm worked perfectly as the the man who stole the item returned to the scene of the crime Thursday dawn but with the TV set he had stolen stuck on his neck.

A huge mob gathered to catch a glimpse of the hypnotized thief and the rituals the witch doctor performed to set him free.

Nana Tutugyagu chanted a few words, hit his own buttocks to reverse the spell. He slowly removed the TV that had been stuck on the culprit’s head for weeks.

The victim, Seth Akakpo confirmed in an interview with on Thursday that, he decided to seek the help of a witch doctor to trace the thief because ‘for a long time I have been losing my belongings and whenever I report to the Police they don’t do anything’.

Seth said ‘a friend recommended Nana Tutugyagu to me. He didn’t disappoint at all. He assured me that within 21 days I will find my TV and true to his word, a man appeared today with the stolen TV stuck on his head’.


A similar incident occurred in 2016 in Kenya. A suspected thief returned a stolen TV stuck on his head. He was also nabbed through charm.

According to villagers who witnessed the bizzare event, the man is a notorious thief who not only terrorised residents along the border but crossed over to Uganda as well.


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