Thursday, December 8, 2022

97-Year-Old Man Marries His Own ‘Daughter’ (VIDEO)

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The marriage between a Ghanaian cocoa farmer, 97 and his long time girlfriend who is just 35years old has sparked an interesting debate on social media.

Most social media users argue that the cocoa farmer has married his grand daughter.

The couple, sighted in a trending video, were styled in a beautiful kente outfit during their traditional marriage ceremony which took place on Saturday.

ADVERTISEMENT gathers that they have been together for 11 years and the ceremony was just a step to formalize their union.

Gyan Formula, one of the groom’s children has explained that his father decided to marry the young lady because she makes him happy.

IMAGE: The new couple

Gyan, 41 stated that couple have been living together for the past 11 years and are blessed with four children.


He revealed on Adom FM that the 97-year-old man started a relationship with the lady after their mother passed away in 1999.

He also allayed fears that his father is too weak and may not have the stamina to fire his new wife.


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