Monday, November 28, 2022

‘The World Is Dark For Me,I Can’t Live Anymore’–Suicide Note Of Lady Who Called Selly Galley Ugly And Barren


Nana Yaa Henewaa Piesie, an Instagram user who called actress Selly Galley Fiawoo barren thinks of taking her own life.

Henewaa has recieved numerous backlashes after she released some unpalatable comments on Selly Galley on social media.

She called the JoyPrime TV presenter ugly and barren whiles expressing her views on Selly’s photo in which she had done no make-up.


Selly, unfortunately invoked curses on Henewaa and her unborn generation for causing her emotional pain.

Quite disturbing, the spell has taken immediate effect and it is working so well on Henewaa.

Henewaa has indicated in her latest post that the world has become dark for her ever since Selly cast a spell on her.


In what appears to be a suicide note, she said ‘De world is dark for me …I can’t live anymore’.

There is more in the video below. Watch.


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