Sunday, February 5, 2023

Maame Dokono’s Beautiful Daughter Dies In A Tragic Accident


The daughter of Maame Dokono has died after she was involved in a terrible motor accident Tuesday afternoon.

Patience Esi Serwaa Akoto, 21 is said to have been knocked down by a speeding vehicle after buying two packets of condoms from a pharmacy shop not too far from the hotel she and her fiancee were lodging.

Her death has shocked many but the number of contraceptives the deceased purchased has also dominated social media discussions.

We expected this to be a topical issue because Ghanaians generally love s*x more than anything else in this world.

Information gathered by Kasatintin.com suggests that Patience was the only daughter of Maame Dokono; the rest of her two children are boys.


The mother of the deceased is popularly called ‘Maame Dokono’ because in the 1990s, she sold the most delicious kenkey and fish in Bantama, a suburb of Kumasi.


Although the chastity of Patience has been questioned, Maame Dokono still believes her beautiful daughter died a virgin.

She maintained that her daughter ‘is a good girl and fears boys. I raised her in a Christian home and I know she was keeping her virginity for her future husband’.


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