Sunday, February 5, 2023

Police Officer Arrested For Biting Husband’s Testicles Over Marital Issue

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A top Police Officer in Zambia, only referred to as Chisengo has been arrested for biting her husband’s testicles off during a fight.

The 39-year-old Police Officer is reported to have bitten one of the testicles of her husband following a marital dispute with him.

Kasatintin.com has learnt that Chisengo’s husband, Joseph is 50 years old and lives together with the family in Chingola, where the incident happened.

Joseph sustained an injury on his testicle, leaving him in a pool of blood on his private parts.

Police Commissioner stated in an interview that the victim had been admitted at Nchanga Hospital.

He explained that ‘Human bites on both the left arm and on the scrotum were used to inflict the injuries. This happened after a marital despute’.


The suspect has, meanwhile been released from police custody. This follows a decision by the victim to withdraw the case for settlement at home.


In a related news, a young man in Ghana has bitten off the cl!t0ris of a school girl during s*x and has been Jailed 7years. Click on this link for the full story.


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