Saturday, December 10, 2022

Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump To Become Next US President


The game is over. Joe Biden has won the 2020 US presidential election.

Biden, 77 swept more votes in the state of Pennsylvania than incumbent Donald Trump to make his way to the White House.

Winning the Pennsylvania State gave the Democrat contestant more than 270 Electoral college seats required for victory.

In his statement, Mr. Biden, now the 46th US President said he is ‘honoured and humbled’ and urged Americans to put the past behind them and ‘unite’ as he assumes power.

PHOTO: US President-elect Joe Biden

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign team are contesting some of the election results in court including votes in Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

They argued that ’the simple fact is this election is far from over’.


Trump is yet to conceed defeat.

He earlier declared himself the winner when votes counting was unfinished.


Biden focused his campaign aggressively on Trump’s widely criticized handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which was seen by many voters as the most pressing issue facing the ordinary American citizen.

Watch the video below.


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