Sunday, February 5, 2023

Woman Bites Off Robber’s Manh00d In Obuasi (See Exclusive Photos)

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News reaching your most gossipy news website Kasatintin.com indicates that a robber has had part of his p3nis bitten off at Abompey New Site, a popular town in the Obuasi Municipality, Ashanti Region.

The robber identified as Emmanuel Ankron is reported to have had his p3nis chopped off during a s*xual Interc0urse with a young female student whose name has been given as Justina Donkor.

Justina, 24 alleged in a report to the police that Mr Ankron asked her to suck his p3nis after stealing an amount of ¢550, a TV set, mobile phone and secretly making love to her whiles she was asleep at home.


The victim said that, initially, she was unwilling to do it but she obliged as her assailant threatened her with a machete and a locally manufactured pist0l.

According to information, Justina began to play with the robber’s ‘thing’ for a while and as he was enjoying the romance she bit off his mah00d. Ankron also bit her at the back.

‘The suspect, with blood oozing from the wound, ran away leaving the TV set and her mobile phone behind’, her statement to the police said.


The police have since retrieved the severed p3nis from the crime scene and deposited it at the hospital for preservation.

Ankron and the victim are currently receiving treatment at the hospital.


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