Sunday, February 5, 2023

Armed Robber Whose Manh00d Was Bitten Off By Lady Finally Breaks His Silence

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Kasatintin.com has since Sunday been reporting on the story of a young lady who mustered courage and bit off the manh00d of man in a robbery gone wrong.

The lady, Juliana Donkor chewed the p£nis of Emmanuel Ankron after he tried to sleep with her in the course of robbing her.

Ankron is left with an unforgettable disability as doctors could not stitch his severed d!ck together.


Juliana said she bit off the suspect’s p£nis upon his request for a Blowj0b.

Ankron is reported to have s*xually abused the victim during his Saturday dawn robbery. He however ran away after his p£nis was bitten off.

Juliana then went to Anglogold Ashanti Hospital for treatment as she felt some pains in her abdomen.


Coincidentally, the suspect also checked in at the same hospital to seek medical care.

The police arrested robber at the health facility.


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