Thursday, December 1, 2022

Jerry Rawlings’ Alleged ‘Side Chick’ Drops More Secret Photos


Photos of the alleged baby mama and son of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings have flooded the internet in the last 24hours.

Rawlings is reported to have had a secret affair with a certain Scotish-Ivorian woman named Nathalie Yamb and together they gave birth to a son on June 4, 1999.

Their son, Malik Stephane is 21 years old. Tell you what, Malik bears some resemblance to Rawlings but we can not confirm at this stage if indeed Jerry John Rawlings is his biological father.

PHOTO: Malik Stephane

Nathalie has however shared series of romantic post on social media to confirm her tight relationship with the late former President.

‘I can’t imagine my life without you’, the political activist said in a tribute to Rawlings.

In her previous tweet, she referred to Rawlings as her fiance.

In French Nathalie stated that ‘Statement de mon fiancé Jerry John Rawlings’, translated in English as ‘Statement from my fiancé Jerry John Rawlings’.

Nathalie Yamb celebrated Malik on her Instagram page when he turned 21 years on June 4, 2020.

She gave out a few secrets behind the name of her son and said:

’21 years ago, i left germany to return to africa to give birth. yes, i know usually people do the opposite and look to go and give birth in the west, but i never liked to do things like everyone else’.

 She added that; ’21years ago, on june 4, 1999, when my son was born, i named him malik stéphane, in honor of malik el shabazz (malcolm x) and stephen bantu biko. today, 21 years later, I am the fulfilled mother of an intelligent young man, sure of himself, independent, mischievous, who loves to debate, does not avoid controversy, knows what he wants, gets up when he falls , learns from failures, matures, overcomes difficulties and always rises higher. Happy birthday Malik. You are my life’.


Check out more photos below:



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