Saturday, October 1, 2022

If Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Beat You Once A While Then He Doesn’t Love You–Marriage Counselor (See Video)


If your boyfriend doesn’t beat you once in a while, then he doesn’t love you, says marriage counselor Mary Ofosu-Asare.

The UK based Ghanaian counselor stated that it is alright for one to discipline his girlfriend when she goes wrong.

She said ‘some women simply can’t think straight unless you beat them. You say to her don’t go here, she will go there; sit down here, you will see her standing at a different place. My dear you deserve beatings’.


Counselor Ofosu-Asare advised her fellow ladies to stay with their abusive boyfriends because it is an act of love.

‘If a guy doesn’t beat his lady once in a while, then he doesn’t love her’, she told in an exclusive interview.

She added ‘for a guy to assault his lady is a way to show his affection and love for her. If a guy doesn’t beat his lady, then he doesn’t truly love her’.


To show that she isn’t a hypocrite, Mrs Ofosu-Asare confessed that her husband beat her once in a while and claimed that has deepened the love they have for each other.

Watch the video below.


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