Thursday, December 1, 2022

Don’t Have S£x On Election Day– Ghanaian Journalists Warned

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Ghanaian journalists assigned to cover Monday’s presidential and parliamentary elections have been advised not to have s£x before the voting day.

According to seasoned media consultant, ‘the general elections are a sacred national event which requires all your energy and concentration to cover accurately’.

She explained that, recovering from a hectic and stressful s£x session the night before, could affect the performance of a journalist on the field the day after.

She also cautioned them not to turn up at a polling station drunk, saying ‘a serious journalist on a crucial national assignment must avoid anything which would distract his attention from the task ahead of him’.

The media consultant charged them to work peacefully with officials of the Electoral Commission (EC), party agents and personnel of the security agencies to ensure credible reportage.

‘You are to report on the facts on the ground without sacrificing your neutrality and professionalism’.


On the issue of safety of journalists, she asked the journalists to identify a safe exit at every polling station and leave as soon as possible if the ground turned hostile for them.  

‘No assignment is worth your life and so safety first, report later’, she stressed. 


The media consultant is reported to have made the statements at a training programme on ‘Election Reporting’ at Ho recently.


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