Prophet Kumchacha Buys Special Gift For Lady Who Bit Off The P£nis Of Armed Robber In Obuasi – You’ve Gat To See It! (VIDEO)

Founder and Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Kumchacha has prepared a special gift for the 23-year-old lady who chewed the tip of the manh00d of a suspected armed robber, Emmanuel Ankron in Obuasi.

The incident occurred early November 2020.

Prophet Kumchacha has decided to reward her for showing other women the best way to deal with rapists.


The victim, Juliana Donkor said she bit off Ankron’s p£nis after he requested for a quick blowj0b during a midnight attack.

Doctors could not stitch the robber’s severed p£nis together as he arrived at the hospital quite late.

But Prophet Kumchacha is super excited about the condition the robber finds himself in at the moment.


He however expressed his disappointed in Juliana for not chewing ‘everything’ in Ankron’s pants to teach him a bitter lessson. Watch the full video below.



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