Monday, November 28, 2022

Strange: A Bird Flies Into A Hospital Ward, Turns Into Woman (Watch Video)


A bird has reportedly turned into a human being — a woman minutes after flying into a hospital ward.

Some social media users suggest the incident occurred in Ghana as the setting of the hospital ward bears resemblance to one popular public healthcare centre in Accra.

In a viral video sighted by, a half nak3d woman, possesed by a spirit is seen seated on a hospital bed.

Hospital staff and patients are heard praying earnestly for the suspected witch while she remained seated on a bed at the ward.

An eyewitness shared a video of the incident with our news team and said:

‘A bird flew into the hospital, landed on a patient’s bed, turned into a young woman and could not fly back again‘.


Some men have fallen in love with the witch’s firm breast and are looking for an opportunity to meet and propose to her.


We don’t want to bore you with words at this moment. Just click on this link to see the video for yourself.


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