Ghana Drunkards Association President Speaks In An Exclusive Interview With Kasatintin TV (WATCH)

President of the Ghana Drunkards Association, Moses ‘Drybone’ Onyah has touched on a number of issues in an exclusive interview with Kasatintin TV.

According to Moses Drybone, the Drunkards Association has more than 3.6 million members nationwide.

Members also consume approximately 3 million gallons of alcohol in a year.

He touched on the objective of the association and said they check abuse of alcohol and also protect the rights of members.

Mose Drybone commented on the recent shortage of some alcoholic beverages in the Upper West Region, and Greater Accra of Region of Ghana and assured members the association is in talk with the producers to float more drinks on the market.


Watch the full interview in the video below.



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