Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Patapaa Forced To Marry A Pregnant Woman (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Patapaa married German girlfriend Liha Miller, Kennedy Agyapong too grabs a new wife

Detailed information are emerging as to why Agona Swedru-based musician Patapaa was forced to have a white wedding with his German Girlfriend Lihan Miller over the weekend.

Patapaa and Liha got married at a private ceremony which was attended by family members and close friends.

The musician has been accused of marrying his own ‘grandmother’ and a ‘sugar mummy’ as some people assume Patapaa married Liha because of money.

Liha has revealed that she first met Patapaa in Belgium and they reconnected after a year.

As a result of this new relationship, Patapaa broke up with his old Ghanaian girlfriend Queen Peezy.

Queen Peezy got traumatized and was sent to hospital emergency ward. The broken heart lady really grew very lean like a dead frog due to the unfortunate situation.


But Patapaa showed no mercy and went ahead to flaunt his new lover on social media on regular basis.

Nothing really showed that the ‘one corner’ hit maker was very much interested in Liha. His demeanor portrayed him as one who was just in the relationship to release ‘tension’.


Patapaa later appealed to the public to treat his statement as a joke — but it is too late for him to convince anybody.

Some critics believe the pregnancy could be the main reason Patapaa rushed to marry his German girlfriend. What do you think?

Check out the photos below.


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