Thursday, February 2, 2023

Felicia Addy, Legon Level 100 Student Is Trending Over This Lɛɑkɛd Vίdeo– Watch


A good number of male students at the University of Ghana campus reportedly massed up at the hostel of a level 100 female student identified as Felicia Addy after they got to know her through a viral video.

In the said video which Kasatintin.com has sighted, the first year student captured and admired the beauty of Legon campus and expressed her excitement of gaining admission into the University.

She however slipped and mentioned her hostel number, Akufo Hall 301 and asked people to pay her a visit.

Felicia Addy is heard in the viral video saying:

‘See the premier University…. premier….ok, ok, nice view, y’all should come and visit me , room 301, mention Felicia Addy.. that’s all, Obia nim me waha’ to wit ‘everyone knows me here’s.

Felicia might have done the video for fun but she got what she wished for minutes after he posted it on her WhatsApp status.


Over a hundred male students ‘clashed’ at the lady’s hostel and demanded to see Felicia Addy.

Watch the video on our YouTube Chanbel, Kasatintin TV via the link below.


SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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