Thursday, December 1, 2022

I’ll Bath My Husband’s Manh00d and Chop It Even If I Catch Him ‘Eating’ A Mad Woman In The Gutter – Ohemaa Woyeje


Angel FM presenter Ohemaa Woyeje’s simple answer to how she will handle a cheating husband has generated a lot of talk on social media.

Ohemaa Woyeje doesn’t expect her husband, Emmanuel Yaw Owusu Kissi to cheat on her but if he does, the media personality says she will forgive and love him more.

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Ohemaa Woyeje told Delay in a yet-to-be aired interview has sighted that, if she catches her husband banging a mad woman in the gutter for instance, she will immediately clean her husband’s manh00d and f#çk it hard.

Some Netizens have suggested that Ohemaa Woyeje can’t leave her husband because he is very good in bed. And this could be the only the reason!


Ohemaa Woyeje and Owusi Kissi are engaged in a long distance relationship. The man lives in Germany whiles the versatile radio presenter is based in Ghana.

She has admitted the situation has affected her sex life.


According to her, there are times she did not have s#x for a whole a year–although she craved for it.

On her third wedding anniversary, Ohemaa Woyeje shared a post and said ‘Pls clap for me wai. One Year No Orgasm, I’m a strong woman! Anaa mo se me mfiri mo so’.


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