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Exclusive Details–Ama Broni’s One Week Celebration Out; Ghana Girl Died Seconds After Dancing Nak£dness On Stage


The one week celebration for young Ghanaian lady Jennifer Osei popularly known as Ama Broni will be observed on Thursday, February 4, 2021.

Kasatintin.com has obtained an exclusive information about the solemn event and can report that it will be hosted in Akwatia near Ayibehene’s house at 6am in the Eastern Region.

VIDEO: Ama Broni passes away at street carnival (full story)

Ama Broni died at age 26. She met her unfortunate death on January 16, 2021 while performing a strip dance at a street carnival held at the Buduburam Liberia Camp in the Central Region.

According to reports, some notorious boys disgracefully fìngered Ama Broni when she mounted the stage, removed her panties and started dancing nak£d in attempt to win a $100 prize.


‘Some took pictures of her whereas others scrambled for the panties she threw into the crowd–most of them were guys’, a witness said in an interview.

The deceased allegedly got electrocuted when she tried to run away from the s£xually charged crowd through the back stage.


She died upon arrival at the hospital.

Ama Broni left behind two children, twins who are thought to be less than 12months old.


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