Wednesday, December 7, 2022

He Made Love To Me In Church For 2 Hours After Rehearsals–Lady Shares Her Sweet Mistake


A Ghanaian girl has opened up on her s*xual exploit with a pastor’s son in the church.

Having no regrets , the lady confessed in a social media post has sighted that, she and the supposed pastor’s son made love on the altar after rehearsals.

In the post the lady recalled that:

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‘So I made love to one guy….a pastor’s son actually in church. It was after rehearsals and then we had to lock up cos the care takers where gone [SIC]. So after turning out the lights and to leave he pulled me back and asked me what I think about a quickie there. I thought it disrespectful but Charlie I couldn’t spare the adventure’.

‘Luckily it was left with just the two of us on the premises’ she said, adding ‘I was horny so I gave in and oh mai….it was my second but best ever love making session with him. It came with the full package and not just f#cking’.

The lady went on to whet people’s s*xual appetite saying ‘Aswear herh I don’t know but church s*x dey be dread. It’s like the anointing and everything all dey back. We f#cked like 2hrs continuous’.


Interestingly, she is looking for an opportunity to make love to the pastor’s son at the same venue.

‘I think I need revival cos I didn’t even feel guilty that I had defiled the Lord’s house and the altar to be precise. It’s like we both offered ourselves as a living sacrifice…I sometimes regret but I wish to do it again. It was crazy but I swear I loved it…cos Charlie ebi serious’.


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