Saturday, October 1, 2022

Ghanaians In Shock As Rev Obofour ‘s Seen In Dreadlocks In New Photo


A photo of a young man in heavy dreadlocks who bears striking resemblance to Rev Obofour, the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel has taken over social media and everybody is talking about it as if they have no other pressing issues to think about again.

Facebook user, Hi Sense Long Jon who first shared the photo on his wall said that was how the controversial man of God looked in the past before he became a Christian.

Long Jon’s post read: ‘Rev. Obofour before becoming a man of God picture hits social media & gets everyone talking’.

People are indeed talking about the viral photo because the two seriously resembles each other. has also discovered a taxi driver in Koforidua who looks like Rev Obofour.

Speaking in an interview, the taxi driver said he might just be the ‘twin brother’ of Rev Obofour. He is looking forward to meet the man of God one-on-one some day. Watch video below.



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