Saturday, September 24, 2022

University Girl Cries Like Baby After Boyfriend Dumped Her Few Days To Val’s Day For Girl With Bigger Buttocks (VIDEO)


A female student of the University of Ghana has been captured in a viral video lying on a bed and crying herself to death over broken heart.

The slim-looking young lady rolled on her hostel bed and shed uncontrollable tears as she mentioned a guy’s name, Bernard continuously.

Her roommates were heard in the background of the video consoling her but she kept crying over the guy who has lost interest in her. gathers that Bernard dumped her on Thursday, 3 days before Valentine’s Day.

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According to information, they have dated close to 2 years. She is in level 200 while Bernard is in his third year.

A source told that the two lovebirds are coursemates and live their life on campus as a husband and wife.


The unfortunate news is that Bernard has found a new lover who is in level 100 at the same University.

The gist is that, this new girl is fresh, comes from a rich family and has bigger hips and b00bs than the dumped chick.


A very gossipy friend hinted Nana Ama about the incident through WhatsApp:

‘On Saturday der was a show going on at Indece hall and Wendy Shay was performing. So most of de girls went. So he went to our girl’s syd wid de some level 100 girl n dey did bl0wj0b.Wen he came bck he started telling our boys n I tink some 1 told his GF.’

Sammy later regretted the ‘sweet mistake’ and rendered an apology to his girlfriend saying ‘Nana Ama please forgive me…the past is not the present’.

Catch up with the details of Sammy and Nana Ama broken heart story in the video below.

VIDEO: KNUST Sammy and Nana Ama Broken heart story


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