Mouse Bites Off Woman’s Vag!na In Kumasi. Here’s The Video

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A middle-aged Ghanaian woman has shared a chilly story of how a mouse mysteriously had s£x with her whiles asleep.

The woman revealed details of her outrageous encounter with the strange mouse in a radio interview closely monitored by

She explained on Kumasi-based Nhiyira FM that the rodent climed her bed, jumped on her thighs and began to pull the hair on her honeyp0t whiles asleep.

‘I felt in my dream that someone was playing with my pubic her’ she said ‘I woke up only to realize that a mouse was inside my private part and eating it’.


It’s usual for mice to creep into people’s room and harm them especially when they are deeply asleep.

There are reported cases of people having part of their body–nose, fingers and lips bitten by mice under weird circumstances.


Our investigations however indicate that this is the first time a mouse has ‘raped’ it’s host. has since Sunday been reporting on the story of a young lady who mustered courage and bit off the manh00d of man in a robbery gone wrong.


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