Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ho Univeristy Ban Wearing Of Mini Skirt, Indecent Dressing On Campus


The Ho Technical University (HTU) has empowered its lecturers to sack indecently and provocatively dressed students from their class.

HTU Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ben Honyenuga believes the measure will instil discipline in the students.

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Prof. Honyenuga advised freshers at the school’s 28th Matriculation ceremony that the University forbids ‘all acts of gross indiscipline’ including fighting or any form of physical assault, stealing, occultism, noise-making while use of drugs and alcohol are also prohibited.

On dressing, the VC said the University, as part of its training expected students to dress suitably at all times to lectures and official functions on campus.

‘You must always dress decently. Your lecturers have been empowered to throw you out from the classroom persons who appear in provocative dressing.

We do not tolerate wearing of political paraphernalia to lectures and other official functions of the University’, he added.


Another public teriary institution, University of Professional Studies (UPSA) in Accra has also directed its lecturers to sack indecently dressed female students from lecture halls.

Addressing first year students, UPSA Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Okoe Amartey stated that;


He warned that;

‘You are not allowed to dress the way we have seen you dress these days. We allowed it in the past week because we assumed you did not know. Now you know, so there should not be excuses’.


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