This Lady Cursed Funny Face To Go Mad For The Rest Of His Life–More Videos

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The lady who allegedly cursed Ghanaian comedian cum actor Funny Face and wanted him to go mad for the rest of his life has been exposed. We will give you the details shortly.

Popular Ghanaian entertainment show host and slay queen, Mona Gucci who is known in private life as Monalisa Abigail Semeha has said that Funny Face needs hot s*x from his baby mama Vanessa to help him recover fast from his ‘mental problem’.

Funny Face is currently on admission at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital because he does not appear to sound well.

Mona Gucci, speaking on McBrown’s show on UTV Saturday advised that, depressed Funny Face does not necessarily have to be admitted into any mental facility.

Photo : Mona Gucci

According to her, the cause of the comedian’s depression can be deduced from some of the things he has repeatedly said in his viral videos.

Mona Gucci, who hosts the ‘Link Up’ show on Kantanka TV suggested that Funny Face should be reunited with his wife and little children.

For her, the renowned comedian should be allowed to see his twin girls, Ella and Bella as well as the newborn while Vanessa must also serve him hot s*x love.

She noted that Funny Face is craving for d0ggy style with his baby mama and believes he will come back to normal state when that need is given to him.

It seems someone has also thought about this. The good news is that, Funny Face has been spotted in a new photo with his baby mama and three kids.

Photo: Funny Face and his family

We hope this new development will put him on the road to recovery. But the healing process could take years.

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A Ghanaian prophetess, identified as Mama Sarah has revealed that Funny Face is facing the mental illness because he has been cursed by a certain thick, tall, dark lady who has a heavy backsides.

She claimed that Funny Face has bitterly offended this lady, and out of pain the lady sat n#k£d at the seaside, chanted and invoked curses to make him suffer and go mad for the rest of his life.

According to the prophetess, spiritually, Funny Face has been tied like a goat for putting the woman through shame.

Watch the video below for more.

VIDEO : Prophet 1 Adarkwa Yiadom latest video


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