Afia Schwarzenegger Forces Son To Break Up With Girlfriend (VIDEO)

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VIDEO: Afia Schwarzenegger forces son James Ian to break up with girlfriend Naa Koshie

Ghanaian celebrity Afia Schwarzenegger has made a shocking revelation on the type of woman she will allow her sons to marry.

Afia Schwar who recently begged Ghanaian men to marry her is heard in a video saying that she will not just accept any lady from Ghana as daughter-in-law but expects that the future wives of his young twin boys be a citizen of one of the greatest nations in the world, be well educated and must have studied abroad.

Schwar, proving to be a difficult would-be mother-in-law ‘Asew Kayerebombom’ stressed that she will advise her boys not to consider love letters from Ghana because such will lower their social class.

Speaking in Twi, the comedienne said ‘if you’re unfortunately from Ghana, and needs consideration, your educational background must be from abroad not Ghana. My boys will ‘chop’ you for free if you don’t meet this criterion’.

Afia Schar was reacting to a social media post suggesting that James Ian Geiling Heerdegen, one of her twins had broken up with his girlfriend, Naa Koshie over a leaked bedroom photo. 

James and Naa Koshie’s photos first hit the internet when he was celebrating his entry into the University of Ghana, Legon with his alleged failed WASSCE results.

But on Friday, the young lovers were seen in another shot with the inscription, ‘My baby’ and ‘How I live my life’ having a nice time together in the bedroom.

JAfia Schwar’s son held Naa Koshie by the neck and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Following the release of the bedroom photo, other pictures of Naa Koshie flooded social media with netizens describing her as Schwar’s ‘daughter-in-law’. This attracted Afia Schwar’s attention.

Not too pleased with the leaked photo and the labeling as Naa Koshie’s mother-in-law, Afia Schwar is alleged to have ordered James to break up with the girl.

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‘They broke up 2 hrs ago. Thanks’, she happily announced in reaction to a blogger’s post snapshot below.


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