Funny Face Released From Mental Hospital–Composes Song With Dead Man

Ghanaian comedian and actor Funny Face who was quarantined at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for two weeks has made his first ‘sane’ appearance in a new video has seen online.

The comic actor who has been under strict treatment at the mental hospital as per the orders of the court has seen an improvement in his behaviour.

He presumably recovered so fast after reuniting with his wife Vanessa and seeing his twin babies and new born while being kept under a two week observation at the psychiatric hospital.

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In his first social media post, Funny Face said he is set to release a music video for his song ‘Odobekumi’ to wit ‘love will kill me’ which will feature hip-life musician Castro who allegedly got drawn in the sea some years ago.

Funny Face was caught lying down at the beach and singing a lovely song to a plant in a video he attached to his IG post.

Funny Face’s thought to be going through depression following problems in his marriage but a Ghanaian prophetess identified as Mama Sarah claims that his mental agony is spiritual.


Mama Sarah has revealed that the ‘Chorkor Driver’ actor is facing the mental illness because he has been cursed by a certain thick, tall, dark lady who has a heavy backsides.


She claimed that Funny Face has bitterly offended this lady, and out of pain the lady sat n#k£d at the seaside, chanted and invoked curses to make him suffer and go mad for the rest of his life.


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