Strange Gunshots Heard Within Jubilee House, Seat Of Government–Details Here

Gunshots were heard early Wednesday morning from the Presidency, Jubilee House.

Residents living around the seat of government, who do not want to go on record said they were horrified as they heard loud gunshots from inside the Jubilee House in the morning.

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Information was sketchy when a private media organisation sited close to the presidential house first broke the news.

Eugene Arhin, Director of Communications at the Presidency has explained that the gunshots which emanated from the seat of government form part of the military’s preparation towards this year’s independence day celebrations slated for March 6.


He stated that ‘this morning the military undertook some of their dress rehearsals ahead of the programme on Saturday. One of the things they’ve always been doing at every Independence Day celebration has been the 21-gun salute.

So this morning they undertook a rehearsal of the 21-gun salute in and around the Jubilee House. This is something normal, there’s nothing untoward about it. It’s part of the rehearsal ahead of 6th March on Saturday’.

ADVERTISEMENT has learnt that due to Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s celebrations will be observed without the usual parade across the country.

Instead, Eugene Arhin revealed that a scaled-down celebration will take place at the Jubilee House and is expected to last no more than an hour.


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