Friday, May 27, 2022

Any Girl Who Shaves Her Pu$$y Hair Before Visiting A Guy Is Not A Wife Material–Marriage Counsellor

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This is one of the easiest ways to determine if a lady is truly a marriage material or not. And you shouldn’t joke about it all.

A prolific Nigerian social media user, Chydo Lawrence has revealed that ‘Any girl who shaves her pu$$y hairs before visiting a guy for the first time is not a wife material.’

The controversial social media enthusiast asserted that any lady who does that only have plans of having s*x on the first day and so guys should not consider such a lady as a wife material.

‘It means she already have [sic] the mentality of s*x on her first visit’ he said.

The self-styled online counsellor also observed that ‘Wife materials leave it bushy, a little bushy or shaved but won’t be newly shaved to prove It wasn’t for that visiting purpose! They are the real Queens, not fake A$$ Pretenders.’

‘I didn’t say you should be dirty as a girl, But shaving few hours before visiting a guy for the first time have reduced the percentage of your wife materialism’.


‘Don’t come and argue. Just learn!! Speaking for the guys’, he added in a post sighted by

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Most men really like to ‘ⱸat’ women who have bushy pub!c hair. However, they also think that a clean shave is a bonus for 0ral s*x.


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