Lìckíng Her Private Part Has Saved My Marriage–Gospel Singer Brother Sammy

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Ghanaian gospel musician Brother Sammy has honestly revealed why his marriage has lasted this long with his wife, Obaa Yaa.

Brother Sammy confessed in a live TV interview monitored by Kasatintin.com that his wife enjoyed the way he sucked her v.jay during the night of their honeymoon a decade ago.

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The controversial singer said his wife, during l0ve making gave him an indication of where to touch to make her reach multiple orga$m and it worked when he brushed his tongue down there.

Brother Sammy claimed that was his first time of líckíng a woman but was able to give it to her hard through the power of God.

Indeed, a lot of women go wild and scream for help if you tickle them down there through their cl!Tories

Brother Sammy has re-affirmed the essence of líckíng in the bedroom. Why don’t you try it?

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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