Wednesday, December 7, 2022

62-Year-Old Pastor Commits Suicide After Church Asked Him To Go On Pension


Sad news reaching indicates that, a Ghanaian man of God who is due for retirement has taken his own life.

According to information, the pastor heads one of the mega churches in the country.

He has never been transferred from his local branch. Per the church policy, the head pastor of the local assembly can only be changed when he dies or reaches the retirement age.

Video: Ghanaian pastor resurrects dead man from mortuary gathers that the deceased clergyman turned 62 February this year. The mandatory pension age for all pastors in the church is 60years.

He committed suicide a day after the church headquarters served him with his retirement letter.


He took his life when his son left home to buy a few items from a nearby shop.


The identity of the pastor and the name of the church have been protected in this report as our news team is on the ground doing further checks on the bizzare incident.

Stay with for an update on this developing story.


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