Saturday, October 1, 2022

Girl Goes Blind After Boyfriend Beat Her For Failing To Cook Fufu And Goat Light Soup With GHS 12 (VIDEO)


A Ghanaian lady has suffered a severe damage in one eye following a misunderstanding with her fiancé over her inability to prepare his favourite meal, fufu and goat light soup with an amount of twelve Ghana cedis (GHS 12).

The lady, 28 who prefers to be known as Naomi said, the man abused her when she served him konkonte and palm nut soup after requesting for his supper.

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Unemployed Naomi stated that ‘I complained to him in the morning that the GHS 12 he gave me is not enough for fufu and light soup but he told me to manage the amount and get him a sumptuous meal‘.

‘I didn’t argue with him but because I love him dearly, I decided to borrow money from a friend to prepare the food he had asked for’, she added in an exclusive interview with

‘I wanted to satisfy his hunger and make him happy’ Naomi continued ‘I actually visited my friend but couldn’t ask her for help in the presence of her husband.

I managed to prepare konkonte and palm nut soup with the little money at hand. However, he beat me up for changing the menu without his knowledge. He punched my eft eye so I can’t see properly’.


Naomi told the incident happened 6 months ago.

‘This thing called love eh… I’m still crazy about this abusive guy. He broke my virginity; I’ll k?ll myself if he leaves me’.


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